Treatment for male infertility can be divided into 3:
a) Treatment to improve sperm quantity and quality
b) Treatment to retrieve sperm
c) Fertility treatment for the coupleMale Infertility Treatment

Treatment To Improve Sperm Quantity and Quality

Life style changes

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Weight reduction
  • Stop smoking
  • Moderate or reduce alcohol intake
  • Stress reduction


In general, a well balanced multivitamin should be a part of your daily diet.

Anti-oxidants has been shown to improve pregnancy rate and live birth rate for couples with male subfertility.

Special medications

In special cases, medications are given to boost the sperm production capacity of the testes. These medications (oral tablets and injections) helps to build a optimum testicular environment for sperm production and helps to increase sperm production. Your male fertility specialist will discuss this option with you.

Treatment To Retrieve Sperm

Treatment To Retrieve Sperm
(Surgical Sperm Retrieval) Done under anaesthesia


Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration is a method of sperm collection from epididymis using a fine needle. It is a simple produce and very effective in cases of pure sperm transport blockage.


Testicular sperm aspiration is a method of sperm aspiration directly from the testicles using a fine needle. Patients with mild to moderate sperm production problem may benefit from this.

TESE / Open Testicular Biopsy

This is a method of sperm retrieval when TESA/PESA is not appropriate.


Microepididymal sperm aspiration is done using a microscope and sperm obtained from epididymis.


In patients with severe sperm production problem, sperm may be obtained using this very specialist procedure. Microscope is used to look for seminiferous tubules which has a high probability of sperm production.

Fertility Treatment For The Couple

Fertility Treatment For The Couple
(based on the sperm test)

Normal sperm count

  • Ovulation induction with timed sexual intercourse
  • IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

Low sperm count

  • Mild – moderate: IUI
  • Severe: IVF / ICSI

No sperm count (azoospermia)

  • Surgical sperm retrieval and ICSI