5 Egg Freezing Facts You Should Know

What is egg freezing

What is egg freezing for woman?

Egg freezing is a method used to preserve a woman’s reproductive potential by going through a similar but shorter duration of an IVF treatment.The mature eggs that are harvested are then frozen and stored for future use.

Women that can benefit from this treatment are:-

  • cancer patients before undergoing chemotherapy
  • single women who want to preserve fertility
  • unforeseen circumstances during IVF treatment
Risks and Complications

Risks & Complications?

  1. The best time for a woman to freeze her eggs is before reaching the age of 35 years. Thereafter, fertility starts to decline rapidly.
  2. Eggs normally don’t survive the thawing as good as embryos, but with the use of vitrification as the method of freezing, it can yield high survival rates.
  3. The risks and complications of egg freezing are similar to undergoing IVF treatment, in terms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). However, at KL Fertility Centre, our OHSS incidence is very rare because of our stimulation protocol.
A Patient's Journey

A Patient’s Journey

Step 1
Initial consultation @ KL Fertility Centre
Step 2
Blood tests & ultrasound scans
Step 3
Follow-up consultations
Step 4
Commencing egg freezing treatment (daily hormone injections)
Step 5
Monitoring of egg growth & continuing daily hormone injections
Step 6
Final maturation of eggs
Step 7
Egg collection
Step 8
Egg freezing & storage
how much to freeze eggs

What’s included in The Cost of Egg Freezing?

The cost of egg freezing includes the following :-
Ovarian stimulation drugs / medications
Daycare ward admission & anaesthetic requirements
Fertility Specialist professional fee
Nursing care fees
IVF laboratory fees (egg collection)
The package excludes:-
Egg freezing & storage fees
Future usage of frozen eggs
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