RTAC Certified

The Fertility Society of Australia (FSA), which is the organization body for reproductive medicines in Australia and New Zealand, formed an RTAC committee to develop the Code of Practice and oversees the accreditation of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) units. The Code of Practice was developed to set and maintain minimum standards of ART units and ensure continuous improvement in the quality of care offered to couples who need fertility treatments.

The Code of Practice has been benchmarked against the Standards for Safety and Quality in Healthcare, which covers a wide spectrum of specifications in quality management system, process controls, service requirements and qualifications of key personnel.

With these in place, each procedure and process is properly documented and controlled to give our patients confidence and reassurances that they are being looked after by certified and qualified personnel.

As a patient of KL Fertility Centre, you can be assured that:-

  • Our pregnancy rates are comparable to international standards
  • Our quality management system places utmost priority in preventing mismatch
  • Your treatment is managed by a team of fully-qualified and experienced staff
  • We provide adequate materials and assistance to reduce your stress during your IVF journey towards parenthood
  • KL Fertility Centre has met the high standards required by RTAC Code of Practice
  • Assurance of our focus on quality and safety of fertility treatments