Nursing Team

We understand the complexity of your IVF journey, and apart from medical care from our Fertility Specialists and Consultants, the quality of care received from the Nursing team can have profound impact on the whole IVF experience. Our IVF Nurse Counsellors work diligently to help execute treatment plans and play an important role in supporting you and your spouse through the complex journey of infertility — from infertility diagnosis to fertility treatment to pregnancy. Hence, they play a vital role in ensuring a continuous care is given to couples undergoing an IVF journey TOWARDS PARENTHOOD.

Our Nursing team comprises of qualified state registered nurses who have gone through a stringent training (certified by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee) as an IVF Nurse Counsellor. The team is led by Senior Nurses who are highly qualified and have extensive experience in IVF and infertility.

Together with you, we aim to provide a patient-centred fertility care to couples taking their first step TOWARDS PARENTHOOD.