Should You Go for IVF or IUI?

IVF or IUI? Should you do IUI or go straight to IVF? What are the advantages of IVF and IUI? Get all your questions answered by Dr Natasha Ain in this interview. GetDoc: How do you know if a patient is a good candidate for IVF? Dr Natasha: If you have issues in conceiving, and after trying for one year, […]

fertility specialist in kuala lumpur

Get to Know Your Fertility Specialist – Dr Agilan

What if you meet a doctor who was more a friend than someone whom you meet for a consultation? Life would be easy for people if they could convey their problems just over a small discussion . There are many doctors in this specialty but not everyone seems to be as approachable as Dr Agilan […]

Get to Know Your Fertility Specialist: Dr Natasha

In-Vitro Fertilization, the source of hope for many childless couples, is a long and challenging journey. Fertility treatment is a team effort.  Your fertility specialist is obviously an extremely important part of this whole process, and hence we understand the importance of you knowing your infertility specialist. Today we have Dr Natasha Ain Binti Mohd Nor with […]

Happy Merdeka Day

Happy Merdeka Day

    Our team at KL Fertility Centre (Monash IVF) wishes all Malaysians a Happy Merdeka Day. A true 1 Malaysia spirit at our clinic!!!!  

Infertility and IVF Struggles

Infertility is something many couples struggle with silently. Breaking that taboo is Ken Ng and Jian Hui, a couple who went through the entire process and are now proud parents. They’re accompanied by Dr. Helena Lim, who describes in-vitro fertilisation and the steps forward being made to minimise emotional and physical stress. Your browser does […]

Top 8 tips for IVF and ICSI patients

1. Read “Lifestyle & Pregnancy” The same risk factors and problems apply before you are pregnant, so if you are attempting IVF, follow these simple tips to ensure that your IVF embryos have the best chance of a successful implantation. 2. Choose your IVF centre and fertility doctor wisely Remember that there are no rules […]

Lifestyle and IVF

The role of lifestyle factors is often underrated in the outcome of an IVF or ICSI cycle. Here are the top six lifestyle factors that may have a bearing on your IVF treatment If you smoke, or your partner does, you could be seriously jeopardizing the quality of embryos generated by IVF or ICSI. Cigarette […]


There is often a lot of confusion about which is better, IVF or ICSI. Patients regularly request that ICSI be performed on their eggs and sperm in the mistaken belief that ICSI is the superior technique and that the outcome will be better. The reality is that ICSI is only a laboratory technique necessary to […]

How much does the IVF and ICSI cost?

IVF treatment can be affordable if you seek medical attention early and from an experienced fertility centre. We offer package pricing to make it easier to plan your finances during treatment. This ensures that treatment cost does not exceed your budget. Our packages for your first IVF ranges between RM12,500 to RM20,100 depending on the […]

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