Top 8 tips for IVF and ICSI patients

1. Read “Lifestyle & Pregnancy” The same risk factors and problems apply before you are pregnant, so if you are attempting IVF, follow these simple tips to ensure that your IVF embryos have the best chance of a successful implantation. 2. Choose your IVF centre and fertility doctor wisely Remember that there are no rules […]

Lifestyle and IVF

The role of lifestyle factors is often underrated in the outcome of an IVF or ICSI cycle. Here are the top six lifestyle factors that may have a bearing on your IVF treatment If you smoke, or your partner does, you could be seriously jeopardizing the quality of embryos generated by IVF or ICSI. Cigarette […]

Treatment of Male Infertility by ICSI

In recent years there has been an explosive increase in the incidence of Male Infertility. In tandem with this, there has also been a concomitant rise in the need for ICSI to help couples have a baby. Yet ICSI is only a recent development in the field of reproductive medicine, having only been developed in […]


There is often a lot of confusion about which is better, IVF or ICSI. Patients regularly request that ICSI be performed on their eggs and sperm in the mistaken belief that ICSI is the superior technique and that the outcome will be better. The reality is that ICSI is only a laboratory technique necessary to […]

ICSI Process

This is a video of the process of ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) as it is performed. We use ICSI when all other measures have failed to benefit the male partner who has poor sperm. In ICSI, a single sperm is injected into the woman’s egg to cause it to fertilise and become an embryo.  The […]

How much does the IVF and ICSI cost?

IVF treatment can be affordable if you seek medical attention early and from an experienced fertility centre. We offer package pricing to make it easier to plan your finances during treatment. This ensures that treatment cost does not exceed your budget. Our packages for your first IVF ranges between RM12,500 to RM20,100 depending on the […]

How will I feel during the IVF treatment cycle?

The hormone medicines you have to take in order to stimulate your ovaries may make you feel tired as your estrogen levels increase due to extra eggs being produced. Some people may also experience mild mood swings, breast tenderness or bloating. You can carry on with all your usual daily work but heavy exercise and […]

Are there any risks with IVF treatment?

Overall IVF is a safe treatment. A condition known as Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) may occur whereby a woman’s ovaries respond unpredictably and can become enlarged. At the same time fluid accumulates in her abdomen. Although this can occur in approximately 3% of women undergoing IVF/ICSI, it is almost always minimal and can be easily […]

What are my chances of becoming pregnant?

it depends on your age the cause of infertility the number of eggs that are produced following drug induction the quality of the male partner’s semen the number and quality of embryos resulting from IVF/ICSI the quality of embryos transferred At our Centre, pregnancy rates for women under 35 years of age, are in the […]

Will I need to arrange leave in connection with ivf treatment?

Not usually, but a few days medical leave will be given after the egg collection and the embryo transfer. There is no scientific evidence that bed rest increases your chances of getting pregnant after IVF or ICSI [Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2013 Apr;167(2):123-6]. However, just to be safe, we do advise 48 hours […]

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