Fertility Assessment & Wellness Packages: For US

For US

Elevate Your Fertility Journey Together : For US

Experience the joy of shared fertility exploration with our exclusive For US Fertility Assessment & Wellness Package. Tailored assessments for both partners foster unity on your unique journey, offer a holistic view of reproductive health for both partners and identify potential issues that may impact conception. Understanding both partners’ fertility health allows for personalized and effective treatment plans, increasing the chances of successful conception.

The For US package items are;

  • Two (2) medical consultations with a Fertility Specialist
  • Two (2) pelvic ultrasound scans for HER
  • Eighteen (18) types of pre-pregnancy and hormone blood tests for HER
  • COMPLIMENTARY One (1) detailed body composition analyses for the couple
  • COMPLIMENTARY Two (2) consultations with the Fertility Dietitian for the couple
  • COMPLIMENTARY One (1) pap smear for HER
  • COMPLIMENTARY One (1) semen analysis for HIM


  1. This package is valid until further notice.
  2. Applicable only with Dr. Natasha Ain Nor, Dr. Paul Tay or Dr. Jasdev Singh of KL Fertility Centre.
  3. Please call +603-2780 4288 or email to hello@klfertility.com to book an appointment; kindly ensure you quote “FOR US” to enjoy the discounted package price.
  4. Please note that full payment for the package is to be made during your first visit.
  5. KLFGC reserves the right to vary / amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  6. Package does not include other medical assessments, consultations, blood tests, treatment and/or medications that will require additional visits and charges.

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