The Fertility Show : To Sink or To Swim?, 24 April 2021 - Dr. Paul Tay

The Fertility Show :
To Sink or To Swim?

To sink or to swim?

1 in 20 men worldwide experiences reduced fertility and the potential causes for this phenomenon can be due to various reasons – obesity, exposure to pollutants and the rising trend of delaying parenthood.

When one man faces the challenges of male infertility, the impact can cause various psychological and emotional consequences including depression, self-doubt and maybe hopelessness. The feelings of the man can be compounded further when he realises that he cannot father a child.

Our Specialist-On-Call, Dr. Paul Tay Yee Siang, a senior Fertility Specialist is here to shed some light on what and why sperm stops swimming and how you can stop or minimise the sinking effect.

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Event Details

The Fertility Show
To Sink or To Swim?

Date: 24 April 2021
Time : 2pm to 5pm