Online Webinar with Dr. Natasha Nor & Ms. Lee Hui Tong: Fertility Focus 101, 27 August 2022

Online Webinar with
Dr. Natasha Nor & Ms. Lee Hui Tong:

Fertility Focus 101

Need help navigating the complexities of fertility?

Join our webinar on Fertility Focus 101, featuring our specialists-on-call, Dr. Natasha Nor and Ms. Lee Hui Tong.

Going in-depth on topics related to conceiving, essential supplements, fertility treatment processes and success rates, hear from Dr. Natasha Nor on navigating your way towards parenthood. Meanwhile, Ms. Lee Hui Tong shares her take on food and nutrition that serves a purpose.

Tune in to our live webinar to learn more!

🕒: 2:00PM
📆: 27 August 2022 (Saturday)​
🗣: English
📍: Zoom

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Event Details

Navigating Your Way Towards Parenthood

Food & Nutrition With A Purpose

Ms. Lee Hui Tong

Date: 27/08/2022
Time : 2:00pm


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