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This time, we have an announcement to make.

KL Fertility Centre is now working hand in hand with
Monash IVF Australia, the world’s pioneer in IVF.

We share their rich experience and best practices;
most of all, we share an unwavering passion to realise
your dreams of having a family.

Welcome to KL Fertility Centre

KL Fertility Centre, a medical establishment devoted exclusively to getting you pregnant. We have been providing fertility expertise for over two decades, helping couples have children across three continents. And now we partner with Australia’s leading IVF group, Monash IVF, to offer the latest technology in fertility medicine.

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  • 9. Male infertility is increasing
    When I did my first IVF in 1989, we hardly saw any male infertility. At  a guess, no more than 15-20% of infertilty was related to problems with the sperm. Over the years we have seen a dramatic increase , and these days half or more are due to poor sperm quality. There is no [...]
  • 10. Lifestyle, ageing & the demand for IVF services
    Tenth in the order of changes that have occurred in the last quarter century is the change of lifestyle and its effect on both natural as well as assisted fertility (ivf). The pressures of modern life, work and the difficulty in balancing multiple roles (wife, mother, worker, pursuit of education & skills) have meant that [...]

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  • Fresh embryo transfer versus frozen embryo transfer
      Recently, a few patients came in with some information from the internet with regards to frozen embryos transfers. These information suggested that Frozen embryo transfers has a higher pregnancy rates compared to fresh embryo transfers. Therefore, the patients requested … Continue reading
  • Cumulative Pregnancy Rates for IVF
    I absolutely LOVE to give my patients the news they wanted to hear. " Yes, Madam XYZ, your pregnancy test is positive", and I live on the thrills of having them laugh with tears of delights and relief. However, on the flip side of the coin, I HATE to give them the news they dreaded most, which is when the test result is negative.This is the reality of IVF, you win some battles, and you lose some. We rejoice with the patients' victories and we weep for their defeats. Continue reading

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  • Ubat untuk menguatkan rahim
    Ubat untuk menguatkan rahim kadang-kala diberikan untuk wanita tertentu semasa waktu awal kehamilan seperti wanita yang sudah menjalani rawatan kesuburan seperti IUI dan IVF, sering mengalami keguguran awal kehamilan, pendarahan ketika peringkat awal kehamilan disebabkan ‘threatened miscarriage’. Di samping ia kadangkala diberikan untuk wanita yang tidak hamil dan mengalami masalah pendarahan tidak teratur atau berpanjangan. […]
  • Ketahui waktu subur anda dengan kaedah ‘cervical mucus’
    Terdapat beberapa cara untuk seseorang wanita mengetahui waktu suburnya dengan menggunakan perubahan-perubahan badannya yang semulajadi. Selain dari kaedah BBT, menggunakan pertukaran lendiran yang keluar dari pangkal rahim ('cervix') juga boleh digunakan untuk menentukan waktu subur anda. Ini dikenali sebagai kaedah 'cervical mucus' ataupun Billing's ovulation method