When Do You Start To Seek Medical Help


Just Married and We Still Have Time

You and your partner just got married and like any other young couples, you have probably thought of just spending time in each other’s company without any interference to your daily routines.


One Year Into The Marriage

Things are going very well in your married life and maybe one of you just got promoted or wanted to concentrate on building your career and have a stable income before both of you plan to bring another life into this demanding world.


Seeing Babies Everywhere

A few years down your marriage, one by one of your friends or family members started to have children of their own. At family gatherings or friends’ reunion, you start to be thrown with questions “when is your turn”.


Nothing Is New

Month after month, nothing is happening. You start to wonder why and what could be wrong, when others are conceiving easily. Remember, you are not alone in this and you should talk to your spouse about it.


After a year of trying without conceiving, experts say you should see a fertility specialist.

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