Lesser injections
Shorter treatment duration
Has the option to undergo a repeat IVF cycle without having to wait for a long time
Minimises risks of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

To view your schedule, select DAY 1 of your menstrual period.

  1. Contact us to book an appointment to start an IVF treatment.
  2. Ensure that you already have all the necessary ante-natal screening (ANS) tests and infectious screening tests done.
  3. If you do not have these, these will be done at your next visit.
? or ?
DAY 2 or DAY 3
Come to the clinic
  1. To have a vaginal ultrasound scan - to assess your ovaries for follicle number, size and presence of other abnormalities.
  2. To do a hormone (estradiol and/or progesterone) blood test - if necessary.
If all the above are satisfactory, you will start hormone (FSH and/or HMG) injections and other medications as needed to stimulate egg growth.
? or ?
DAY 6 or DAY 7
Come to the clinic
  1. To have a vaginal ultrasound scan - to assess egg growth and number
  2. To adjust dosage of (FSH) and/or HMG injections for optimum egg development
  3. To start ANTAGONIST (ovulation blocker) injections - to prevent premature ovulation.
? or ?
DAY 9 or DAY 10
Come to the clinic
  1. For a vaginal ultrasound scan - to assess development of follicles.
  2. To plan for day of egg collection if egg growth is satisfactory.
  3. To have the final injection (HCG or GnRH agonist) to trigger final egg maturation prior to egg collection day.
? or ?
DAY 12 or DAY 13
Come to the clinic
  1. Fasting since the night before (12.00am) is necessary as the egg collection procedure is done under SEDATION.
  2. Admission for egg collection (fasting required) and sperm production.

Start prescribed progresterone medication for uterine support until advised to stop.


Wait for menses and book an appointment between DAY 2 to DAY 10 (based on Fertility Specialist's advice) to plan for frozen embryo transfer.

? or ?
DAY 15 or DAY 16
(FRESH embryo transfer)
Day 3 embryo transfer
? or ?
DAY 17 or DAY 18
(FRESH embryo transfer)
Day 5 embryo transfer (blastocyst)
? or ?
DAY 27 or DAY 28
(FRESH embryo transfer)
Blood test to check for pregnancy outcome.