holiday stress with infertility

6 Ways to Handle Stress Associated with Infertility

Holidays are intended to be a time of celebration and bonding with those you love. However, it can be something that you might dread, especially if you struggle to deal with nosy relatives. On the one hand, you might feel sad that you are unable to share the same happiness as your friends, when you […]

Top 8 tips for IVF and ICSI patients

1. Read “Lifestyle & Pregnancy” The same risk factors and problems apply before you are pregnant, so if you are attempting IVF, follow these simple tips to ensure that your IVF embryos have the best chance of a successful implantation. 2. Choose your IVF centre and fertility doctor wisely Remember that there are no rules […]

Stress and the pressure of trying to become pregnant

There is very good scientific evidence that maintaining a positive state of mind improves  your chances of a successful pregnancy. This means avoiding stressful situations and having mechanisms to cope with stresses that arise. [BJMP 2010;3(3):a336] At KL Fertility Centre, we believe in providing a holistic approach to have a successful IVF outcome. Click here […]