This Fertility Assessment Package is specially designed for :

(1) Couples who are trying to conceive
(2) Couples who wish to have their health checked before pregnancy

The Package includes:

A. First visit (between Day 2-Day 5 of menses)
(1) Detailed consultation with Dr. Natasha Ain and Dr. Paul Tay
(2) An ultrasound scan

  • to do an antral follicle count
  • to detect any existing abnormalities such as fibroids, ovarian cyst and abnormal uterus

(3) Blood Tests

  • Primary female fertility hormones (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Prolactin, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Leutenizing Hormone)
  • 21 other selected tests to assess your general pre pregnancy health

(4) Semen analysis (Sperm Test) for HUSBAND only.

  • This test is done after 2-3 days of abstinence and it gives us an idea whether the sperm is adequate in quantity and quality

B. Second visit at Day 12 of menses:
(1) Consultation with Dr. Natasha Ain and Dr. Paul Tay to review the test results
(2) An ultrasound scan

  • to check the growth of the follicles (eggs) and ovulation
  • to check the endometrial (uterus) lining to assess endometrial receptivity. This tells us if there are any uterine factors preventing pregnancy

(3) Pap smear (complimentary):

  • As a routine yearly check-up (if this has not been done in the last 12 months)


  • This package is valid until further notice.
  • Applicable only for consultation and tests with Dr. Natasha Ain and Dr. Paul Tay of KL Fertility Centre.
  • Please call +603-2780 4288 to book an appointment; kindly ensure you quote “FAP” to enjoy the discounted package price.
  • Please note that full payment for the package is to be made during your first visit.
  • KLFGC reserves the right to vary / amend the terms and conditions as above.