Free IVF Webinar 25 July 2020 - Dr. Natasha Ain binti Mohd Nor

Making The Right Decision

Couples who are having trouble conceiving may be wondering if they should undergo fertility treatments and what type of treatment they would be candidates for.

Two procedures are commonly used to help couples who need fertility assistance: IUI VS. IVF.

There are key differences between IUI and IVF treatment. Comparing both options can help you determine which approach might be best for you and your partner. But how do you know if IUI or IVF is the right treatment option for you?

Join Dr. Natasha Nor on July 25th as she talks about the procedures, risks, benefits, costs, and success rates and who each treatment might be a good fit for.💕

As usual, don’t forget to ask Dr. Natasha Nor any burning questions in our special Q&A session.

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Event Details

Making The Right Decision

Time: 2pm – 5pm
Tarikh: 25 July 2020


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