Let’s Get Fishy!!!!

Studies had shown that taking Fish and a diet rich in Omega-3 is good for your health. Numerous researches had shown that Omega 3 is good for your heart, prevents coronary heart disease and may have some good effect on your blood sugar level.

But what are the other benefits of Omega-3 especially in the field of Fertility?

In 2010, an interesting study showed that infertile men had lower concentrations of omega-3 Fatty Acids in spermatozoa than fertile men. This study suggests that Omega-3 may have some positive impact on male fertility.

Another recent study showed that if you take a regular diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, you will probably experience delayed ovarian aging and improved oocyte quality at advanced maternal age.

Some people worries about the content of Mercury in Fish and that is one of the reasons why they stray away from taking fish regularly. You can check the level of Mercury in the various types of fish and where their origin by visiting FDA website:


Now that we know fish is good for us, let’s get Fishy then!!!!